Centro Agro Alimentare di Torino





Within the market facility, ad-hoc promotional activities can be organized by setting up, for example, dedicated customaries stands, communication material displays, a pool of human resources and wine tasting. To arrange any promotional activity, the following contacts need to be made in order to agree on how, when and where.


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The Turin Agrifood Centre is one of the most modern structures on the national scene in regard to wholesale marketing of fruit and vegetables. Inside this facility major companies specializing in marketing, and in some cases the also wholesale processing of fruit and vegetables, have located their business here. CAAT is not only for the city of Turin, but also for the Piedmont region and a natural extension of the glorious old fruit and vegetable market in Via Giordano Bruno --- but at a new location in Grugliasco, providing an essential public fruit and vegetables service to the citizens. The main daily activities carried out are related to the procurement, storage, processing and marketing of fruit and vegetables. Every day CAAT becomes a meeting place between the traders, wholesalers and producers inside the market-place structure and various customers: for example those from Piedmont and those of the neighboring regions in Valle d'Aosta and Liguria. Here you can also find large-scale retail trade operators making substantial purchases for the purpose of completing the range of products that they buy directly from the producers, as well as the merchants of the 46 local markets of the city of Turin. CAAT also manages supplies for exporting to specific areas in the South of France. The scope of action of CAAT includes the whole city of Turin, Piedmont, Valle d' Aosta, Liguria. It also exports large quantities of produce to major importers across the Alps.


On average, CAAT is visited daily by 3,000-4,000 customers and wholesalers and between 800-900 vans and trucks divided between the supplying customers and the purchasing customers, making a total of 75,000-80,000 access movements a month.
CAAT, because of its location within the ‘Interport Site’, enjoys an optimal logistical position. The connections to the north-south ring road and the main highways, including rapid access to the city centre via the main urban roads, add value to the facility and make it accessible to a wide and diverse range of commercial enterprises.

CAAT and its related activities may rightly be regarded as an important asset to the economy of Turin, Piedmont and beyond.

CAAT in numbers:
- approximately Euro 100 million investment in the facility;
- 440.000 occupied square meters of fenced-in market area;
- 120.000 square meters of covered area;
- 84 established wholesale companies;
- 170 local producers from the provinces of Turin, Cuneo and Asti;
- 34 handler cooperatives (700 employees with approximately 650 electric vehicles and trucks);
- 3,000 sq m of offices;
- 3 bars, one with food service;
- 2 night safes and ATM;
- recharge and repair areas for the vehicles used for moving goods;
- 500/550.000 tons of cargo handled annually;
-Euro 500/550 million of business transactions.