Centro Agro Alimentare di Torino

Food Safety

Food Safety



C.A.A.T. S.C.p.a. and the operators located in this market place promote food safety at all levels.

C.A.A.T. S.C.p.a., in collaboration with Bioleader s.r.l. - Rete biolab s.r.l. periodically informs the market operators about any food alerts from the EU authorities as well as innovations in food safety.

In addition to the official checks carried out by the health authorities, the market operators perform constant chemical and microbiological tests to ensure full compliance with food safety and hygiene standards. In the course of 2013 about 300 tests were carried out by operators, 95% on pesticides traces and radioactivity residuals, sulfur dioxide and heavy metals*.

C.A.A.T. S.C.p.a. and the market wholesalers are committed to the standards of quality and safety expected by the final consumer.

[*data provided by the Piedmontese Association of Fruit and Vegetables Wholesalers]