Centro Agro Alimentare di Torino

CAAT Services

CAAT Services



TELEPHONE NUMBER for USERS: 340 74 22 789

Operating from 00:30 to 12:30 from Monday to Friday

CAAT Scpa currently employs the company TELECONTROL VIGILANZA spa which provides armed guards for preserving order and ensuring the safety of all users within the structure as well as ensuring the correct use of the facilities and compliance with the Rules of the Centre as a whole.
In particular, the security guards perform the following daily activities including:

-    Control of entry passes of those in the perimeter of the Centre
-    Sample checks regarding the discharge of the goods
-    Control over correct and proper use of the facility by all users
-    Monitoring timetable compliance for each stage of activity
-    Supervising compliance of the internal viability within the buildings and in the grey areas (all common areas)

CAAT Scpa is also equipped with a CCTV system which consists of more than 60 cameras in order to protect the real estate assets of the Company and ensure the safety of users within the Centre.
The system - in full compliance with current regulations concerning privacy and security of personal information - is at the complete disposal of the police who use it regularly.